For me painting is a way to be free, witnessing what is coming from inside me without trying to understand it. Not to be captured by other people’s conceptions. Release my mind. Over and over again going through that very specific – creative – process that  it is hard to describe in words.

I paint because I want to and because it makes absolute sense to me.

I was born in the Czech Republic but London gave me an opportunity to find/uncover this unique part of myself.

November 1987Born in the Czech Republic
2005 – 2008Studied School of Creative Photography, Czech Republic
June 2013Moved to London
September 2015Completed Masters in Law
25th December 2015Started painting
March until June 2016Portrait and Figurative Painting course in Art Academy, London
September 2016Foundation Course in Fine Art Studios, London
July 2017Portraiture: A new Perspective, Summer School in Slade School of Fine Arts, London
Autumn semester 2017Nocturnal Interiors in Royal Drawing School, London
Throughout the year, 2017Private classes with Sara Lee Roberts, London
August 2019 until August 2020Painting “retreat” in Brussels, Belgium


May 2019 – September 2019 – 44 Hallam Street residency

January 2019 – Becoming a Member of ArtCan organization

14th December 2018 – 14th February 2019 – Winter Salon, Leyden gallery, London

October 2018 – Interview done by organisation PassionDig about change of my career

12th September 2018 – 26th September 2018 – Exhibition in Leyden gallery, London

  • Family series was exhibited in Platform for Emerging Arts #19

August 2018 – paintings published in magazine AverageArt

13th June 2018 – 31st July 2018 – Alphabeta building, London

  • Paintings from my series The City were displayed in this unique Victorian building in Moorgate, London

April 2018 – Magazine Wotisart, United Kingdom

  • My paintings were published in the April edition of portfolio magazine Wotisart